• Jewelry Repair in Canton
    We understand that while jewelry enhances your life, life can sometimes harm your jewelry. Fortunately, jewelry repair in Canton is available from our accredited jewelers. We offer in-house jewelry repair service in Canton.
  • Watch Repair in Canton
    River Fine Jewelry provides In-store Watch repair in Canton GA. Since 1986, We've serviced, repaired and restored thousands of watches. We are highly skilled technicians that are dedicated to meeting your maintanenance needs
  • Custom Jewelry Design
    River Fine Jewelry has the ability to custom design jewelry all in-house for our customers in Canton and Metro Atlanta Area. We have creative and talented designers and jewelers who can work in collaboration with you to create a unique piece
  • Jewelry Engraving Services
    Personalize your jewelry with a name, initials or a heartfelt message for a loved one. We have full jewelry engraving services available here in Canton GA.
  • Diamond Appraisal Services
    The experienced jewelers at River Fine Jewelry in Canton GA can conduct diamond & jewelry appraisals of all types. If you recently inherited a piece of diamond jewelry or you’re thinking of selling an old favorite
  • Diamond Jewelry Buyers in Canton
    Selling your diamond can be a very intimidating and confusing process. River Fine Jewelry in Canton GA is a trusted and experienced diamond jewelry buyer that makes the transaction an easy one.
  • Gold Buyers in Canton GA
    Ready to turn unused gold into money? We are one of the top paying gold buyers in Canton & Metro Atlanta Area. We are buying all precious metals diamonds of ALL SIZES in all quantities and for the highest prices
  • We Buy Rolex
    We are an experienced luxury watch buyer in Canton GA with nearly 2 decades of experience of buying and selling Rolex watches and ALL HIGH GRADE watches from clients across the country

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River Fine Jewelry located in Canton has a great selection of diamond jewelry, engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets at affordable prices. With years of experience we are serving Canton, Metro Atlanta Area, Blue Ridge, Marietta, Woodstock, Acworth, Cumming and Cherokee County. We are one of the top paying jewelry, diamonds, watch & silver buyers in Canton GA.